Samedi, 19 Janvier 2019

Cargo Tracking & Follow up Administrator

250K - 265K
Type d'emploi:
Temps plein
Date limite:
24 Avril 2018

Describe the key tasks and duties that the incumbent should perform daily, weekly, monthly, and annually and the output / end results expected for each task or duty. For example: evaluate and develop maintenance procedures to provide clear guidance for technicians performing their assignments

Daily critical review on the whereabouts of import and export cargo, and this with:

  • Freight forwarders and transporters
  • Clearing agents
  • Security agencies
  • 3rd Party assaying companies
  • All other parties involved

Daily communication on the whereabouts of import and export cargo, and this with:

  • End users,
  • Project team
  • Expeditors (TFM imports)
  • Metal Sales & Marketing Group (Johannesburg and Phoenix)


  • Whereabouts of cargo
  • Transit time calculation
  • Verification of demurrage invoices
  • Conceptualize, develop and implement efficient tracking systems and reports. Improve communication flows between the different GSC units.
  • Effectively monitor the shipment, receipt, consolidation, and clearance of materials / product inbound and outbound from the mine-site.
  • Adapt to change in operating tempo, newly identified critical materials (bulk materials) and increases and decreases in consumptions by being aware of bulk material movements to determine changes at the earliest possible time so corrective action can occur prior to crisis.
  • Changing regulation in the different African countries; Implementation of government regulations without prior notice: Government may implement regulation changes without giving prior notice to importer / exporter. This requires the incumbent to request for delay in implementation of such regulation to the government bodies with proper justification.
  • Changing geographic routes and different modes of transport; changing nature of emergency
  • Maintain effective communication with the various CMOC DRC business units.
  • Changing regulations/political risk,


Minimum Education & Experience

  • Grade 12, degree would be an added advantage
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fluent in English and French (reading, writing, speaking)
  • Adept at problem solving and analytical thinking
  • Capable of abstract thoughts
  • High order of customer service orientation
  • Performance & result oriented
  • Honest and ethical behaviour
  • Negotiating skills
  • Technical and functional proficiency in material & logistics knowledge, geography of Sub Sahara Africa, shipping methods, material handling equipment, import export procedures and the exposure to a variety of processes (mining industry, maintenance, mobile equipment).

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