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OCB HIV Advocacy Coordinator – Africa Region (m/f)

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16 Juillet 2018


The Health Politics Team focuses on understanding, navigating and challenging the political drivers of the global health landscape. This includes understanding what factors influence resource allocation for health and what political considerations drive certain health policies (including epidemic response). The objective of the team is to understand this environment in order to help guide MSF’s operational choices, build better leverage and advocacy for improved access to medical care, while at the same time more effectively translating our operational experiences into innovative delivery models that improve access to medical care for the most vulnerable.

The specific files being worked on in this thematic group include:

        • HIV/AIDS, with a specific focus on
        1. low coverage contexts such as West and Central Africa;
        2. Resourcing for HIV (including issues of stock outs, donor funds and the enablers of scaled up response such as civil society and viral load);
        3. Advanced HIV and the challenges around patients presenting late;
        • Key populations and the politics of neglect;
        • Health policies and approaches in contexts considered to be in transition, such as after an emergency, classified as ‘middle income’ or considered as a fragile state; this includes issues around access to care under pressure of current/emerging development paradigms, such as peace & state building, sustainability and resilience, eligibility criteria based on country income classification;
        • The global health arena and its multiple actors (including specific focus on the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria);
        • The ‘securisation’ of healthcare and its implications for epidemic response and global health;
        • Re-emerging financial barriers to health care (user fees) and lack of health workforce in the context of dwindling international aid and reliance on domestic revenues.
        • Emerging issues or disease specific dossiers such as Hepatitis C, TB, Antimicrobiotic resistance, Effects of the Global Gag rule on SRH services, etc. 


  • Develop & coordinate OCB’s HIV & coinfection (TB - Hepatitis C) and human resources for health international advocacy strategies;
  • Support the development of analysis and advocacy in MSF missions in Africa in terms of HIV & HIV/TB; connect with missions and MSF country based advocacy referents in particular concerning HIV and HIV/TB.
  • Analysis of main trends in HIV policy and develop networking with relevant actors;
  • Liaise with others in MSF movement and external actors;


This HIV Advocacy Coordinator position will, in consultation with operations, design, coordinate and lead the implementation of OCB’s international HIV advocacy strategy

He/she provides strategic advocacy advice to OCB’s Missions to develop and implement country based advocacy plans. He/she further brings coherence and synergy with the country specific issues and creates the links with regional /international platforms with a coherent agenda across countries.

He/she collaborates and exchanges experience with civil society organisations in terms of sharing analysis, building advocacy skills and support other capacity towards engagement with governments and donor organisations.

Note: Specific capacity building for monitoring of service provision, stock outs, free care, etc will be taken up by other position – not only for HIV but cross cutting diseases & commodities (see also below).

He/she is responsible for analysis of international and regional policy and funding trends related to HIV and human resources for health as well as mapping and updating regional and international actors.  This analysis will be also disseminated to the missions, operations and other relevant entities in OCB and other MSF sections as required. The Coordinator will also provide methodologic support to the field teams to analyse the country specific policy and funding trends, environments and actors.

The HIV Advocacy Coordinator will provide overarching and strategic support to and build synergies with MSF’s HIV- work in African countries.

At present OCB projects that (plan to) include specific HIV response activities are located in: DRC, Guinea, CAR, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

The Coordinator ensures that all advocacy initiatives are shared with and done in close coordination with other willing OCs that have AIDS activities in Africa and entities such as Access Campaign and AIDS Working Group

Specifically, the responsibilities of the Coordinator include:

  • Provide on-going support to OCB HIV operations with analysis, advocacy and campaigning materials, specific tools for analysis and advocacy. This includes developing, writing or feeding into MSF’s positioning, key reports and other advocacy efforts.
  • Support and provide strategic advocacy technical advice to missions to develop country based analysis and advocacy plans concerning HIV and HRH; liaise with relevant international actors on HRH issues and develop an advocacy strategy and plan.
  • With support of the Global Health Actor’s focal points, regularly update and provide information to Missions on key stakeholders (analysis and power mapping) at regional and international level; keep Missions and Operations updated on trends in vision, strategies and positions of key actors in HIV and HRH (both donors and key international implementing partners)
  • Organise and support capacity building of civil society organisation in analysis and advocacy on HIV related issues. Specific attention will need to be given to coordination and synergy with another position that will be created with the objective to develop and organise CSO monitoring of stock outs and supply issues, provision of free care and other important aspects of service delivery; also close collaboration and task division with a planned Johannes position for ‘civil society engagement’ is necessary.
  • Develop a regional approach in knowledge management with sharing of strategies and common tools. Promote exchange of HIV and HRH related information and serve as a resource person for other departments, other MSF sections…
  • Develop, update and operationalize the OCB International advocacy agenda on HIV and human resources for health which builds on OCB’s operations in the region and assure a coherent advocacy message.
  • Develop and lead in the implementation of international advocacy strategy and actions.
  • The Coordinator will represent OCB in all relevant (regional/international) HIV and HRH platforms/initiatives which exist within MSF throughout the movement and outside of MSF. He/she will ensure engagement, participation and dissemination of relevant materials and information. 
  • Coordinate contacts and network with external actors (regional and international)
  • Build concept notes & identify issues and opportunities for advocacy focus and priority around key events (conferences, meetings, bilateral encounters…) 
  • Develop and coordinate a coherent OCB international message that feeds into the broader MSF’s international message by liaising and coordinating with other relevant OCs and entities such as the Access Campaign; feed into a network of international contacts.
  • Ensure Global Health Focal Points and other relevant resource persons within MSF are well briefed and updated on country specific advocacy issues; ensure relay of these country issues and needs at international level
  • Regular exchange and strategic concertation with members of MSF’s South African Medical Unit (SAMU) in general and for specific countries. Participate in and contribute to programmatic HIV courses organised by SAMU on analysis and advocacy. With support of SAMU, work out specific talking points and internal briefing docs in line with advocacy themes.
  • In collaboration with the Advocacy Referent in the Analysis Department, identify training needs, develop tools, organise and support trainings for advocacy in selected MSF missions with a strong HIV component.
  • The coordinator should collaborate closely with COMBO and help define communication priorities and defined target populations for leverage and specific tools for advocacy and awareness on HIV, HRH and HIV-TB.
  • The Coordinator will ensure timely quarterly reports on important trends and activities done at regional, international and national level and share these with the respective Cells, SAMU, country teams, members of the Access Campaign and other relevant MSF people.

Profil recherché


Background and experience required

  • Academic background to Masters’ level
  • (Para) medical profile an asset
  • Knowledge about HIV, human resources for health plus understanding of global health environment
  • Significant experience with MSF  a strong asset

Skills and capacities

  • Strong Analytical skills
  • Extensive experience in advocacy
  • Proven skills of networking and activist connections in Africa
  • Ability to take initiatives and to work independently
  • Capacity to develop and implement a strategic vision
  • Strong networking skills are essential
  • Excellent writing and redaction skills
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing situation and organisational set-up
  • Strong organisational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to represent MSF toward multiple counter-parts
  • Good communicator
  • Team player
  • Fluent French and English (speaking & writing) essential; Portuguese an asset 


  • Ready to travel frequently and for long periods of time 

The ideal candidate adheres to the MSF principles and our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Empowerment. 


  • Long-term contract, Moral engagement 3 years
  • full time, based in South Africa (with extensive travel)
  • Starting date September 2018

CV + letter of motivation to be sent BEFORE 31/07/2018 by email (with “HIV Advocay SA” in the subject) to Joke Massa and Sarah LAEVENS: -